Concernant la production de stamper nous fournissons :

  • Wet bench in several different configurations
  • Silvering ​booth with or without a linear arm

  • Pre-Plate

  • 2 Cell electroforming system

  • Cleaning and passivation unit

  • All other wet equipment that can be used in the electroforming department

  • Refurbishment or up-grade of used equipment 

  • Sales of used en refurbished equipment 

Nous proposons nos services dans les domaines suivants :

  • Adaptation de bac de galvano CD (3 bacs) en deux bacs de galvano pour disques vinles. Refurbishing  of C.D to vinyl LP Records Machines , 3 C.Ds  TO 2 LP records  (Not applicable to all C.D Machines)

  • Equipements de post traitement et finition des stampers

  • Equipements pour la galvanoplastie en vue de la fabrication de disques vinyles

  • We provide the best modified equipments related to vinyl pressing plants industry.

EFS2 1EFS2 2

EFS2 3

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